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January 14, 2009
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All Woman Are Bad V.II by misfitmalice All Woman Are Bad V.II by misfitmalice
Inspired by The Cramps. Psychobilly Rules!

Inspiré par The Cramps. Vive le rockabill!

Model : Éli.

Original : [link]

Dress contains excerpt from the song ''All Women Are Bad''.

La robe contient un extrait de la chanson ''All Women Are Bad''

'' Adam and eve, sittin' in the woods, eve said 'man i got somethin' real good - it's in that tree, you'll get smart fast!'

Adam said 'sure, satan my ass - i don't see no snakes but all women are bad'

[chorus:] All women are bad, all women are bad, that's what he said, all women are bad, groovy wiggly tails, horns on their head, all women are bad, all women are bad...

Samson and delilah, talkin' bout groomin', delilah said 'sam, you don't look human!'

Took some scissors, went snip-snip, said 'now everybody's gunna think you're hip'

Sam felt his head and said 'all women are bad' there's one with you, lookin' so sweet, but she's just a wolf dressed up like sheep, secret gadgets up under their clothes

- Stuff you hear about but nobody knows, and it ain't no use...all women are bad save me the label of that perfume on the table, so i can remember what made a wreck of me. ''

Photoshop CS2, acrylic, Wacom, Canon PowerShot SD1000
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